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About Hormones

The Full Story

Bio- Identical Hormone Therapy is riddled with unnecessary myth and fear. Patients often associate BHRT with causing cancer or other disease. Bio-Identical means "natural" or the same chemical structure as the hormones our bodies make in our younger, vivacious years. If natural hormones cause disease and cancer then every 20 year old would be affected. Natural hormone therapy lowers heart disease, strokes, cancer, Alzheimer's/ dementia, osteoporosis etc... Natural hormone therapy helps preserve and build muscle mass which helps in weight loss, anti-aging, increases energy, sex drive, improved memory and focus, improved sleep, mood, even less aches and pains. The technology of pellet therapy has been around since the 1930's and THOUSANDS of studies prove extreme benefit without increasing disease in fact LOWERS disease. The cost is but $2-3 a day which is less than that energy drink people buy. Most patients describe pellet therapy as "life-changing"

Its important men and women understand the safety and benefits of normal hormone replacement.

Dr Pinkston studied BHRT under a fellowship and 3 different certifications. She also is a patient receiving BHRT. Replacement of natural hormones brings a quality of life you have missed and adds to lower disease risk to assist in longevity and anti-aging. Patients hear the myths of painful procedures, scars, infections, etc... but all of these issues are extremely rare and occur when people go to clinics where there is no proper training and knowledge. Dr Pinkston has the training and knowledge, degrees and certifications, and over 5 years experience.

Men AND Women, mid 30's to 90... you deserve a safe alternative to synthetic injections and messy creams. Steady, mathematical dosing, lasts 3-6 months on average, and though unfortunately insurances do not cover this type of therapy, for less than a cup of coffee a day, the value is far greater than you imagine for such a quick, comfortable procedure. Combined with Dr Pinkston's knowledge of head to toe thyroid, adrenal, nutritional, and other issues that lead to poor health... you will be happy you selected us for your care.  


Dr Pinkston helped me understand the safety and effectiveness of natural hormone therapy and also made the procedure so easy and comfortable. The procedure was fast and easy and I began to feel better so quickly. I've done pellet therapy for years with Dr Pinkston and she really knows the science inside and out! I can barely tell where its been done so no fear of scars and the cost is less than a cup of coffee a day. The value is immeasurable as I feel younger and more alive than ever. Knowing my health is not only NOT in danger but helped and saved by keeping my hormones at the natural levels. I'll never go back to how bad I used to feel!       -BC 51


I had no idea I could feel like I feel now. The clock went backward. Hormones saved me and saved my marriage. My energy is so much better, my brain works again, I want my husband again, and I feel like working out again. I finish a days work, workout, and go home to my kids and chores and sleep so well. My mood is better, my anxiety less. You just don't realize how bad you felt until suddenly your life is yours again. Thank you Dr P!!!        -DA  42

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